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Feb 12, 2011 | 2011 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Contributors, Music, Teens

by Kaiti Ray

Coming out of Fresno, Fierce Creatures is approaching its second year. Having come together in the summer of 2009, the band is slowly starting to gain a bigger following throughout California and other states. As of right now, the band is planning a two week tour out to Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest Festival that showcases a unique blend of original music. With their fresh sound I’m sure this festival will be a great event for the members of Fierce Creatures.

Fierce Creatures

The band is composed of seven very talented musicians: Mike Adame, Mathr Collom, Tomas Galvan, Joel Melton, Jon Rulloda, Nathaniel Stiers, and Amanda Valdez. Having graduated from adolescent musical endeavors, all of the members of Fierce Creatures came together under a common goal of making a new name for themselves. Refusing to fall under any specific expectations of the masses, their music seems to almost create itself.

Though this large group is able to bend the rules of mainstream and produce music that catches the attention of different groups, in producing their EP I Mostri Feroci they had their fair share of difficulty. “Recording an album in about five days was pretty daunting for us being a big group,” said Nathaniel. “I think being objective about the recording and the process was the hardest part. When you’ve been involved in creating something from the ground up, it’s hard to step back and be able to hear it with a fresh set of ears, to have a different perspective on it.”

Though the music of Fierce Creatures is driven by your typical guitars and keys, the band exercises their creative liberty by decorating their music with the sounds of whimsical percussion, mandolin, harmonica, and enchanting choruses. Just when you think you’ve figured out where they’re going with their sound, they switch it up, keeping listeners interested and excited to hear the next note in the story.

Tour dates and more information about Fierce Creatures can be found on their myspace and facebook pages. Their EP can also be purchased through digital music distributors iTunes, AmazonMP3, and The Zune Store. If you are interested in a hard copy of the album, it can be purchased at one of their shows or online. You can also follow them on Twitter @FierceCreatures

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