Valley Animal Center Partners with TikTok Creator Rescuing Two Malnourished Huskies

Feb 11, 2023 | 2023 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Pets

by Alisia Sanchez,
Valley Animal Center Marketing Manager

Last September, an individual named Christopher Burress posted on TikTok a short video about two very malnourished dogs, Akira (26217) and Guero (26218). In an effort to help rescue the dogs, Burress continued to share their story and reached out to Valley Animal Center asking for help.

Click HERE to watch the video.


In a photo Burress shared with the nonprofit no-kill shelter, one of the dogs has a chain for a collar, and the two have very limited space for movement. Both dogs are Siberian Husky/Alaskan Malamute mix, which are breeds that benefit greatly from having plenty of room to play and exercise. Mounds of feces are also visible, and their coats are in desperate need of grooming. Their eyes, sad and desolate, seem to ask for immediate help.

Valley Animal Center’s animal care operations and adoption supervisors, Maritza Lopez and Ruben Cantu, respectively, made their way to Stockton to rescue both pups. Cantu said he was heartbroken when he saw them.

Click HERE to watch the video.


“I couldn’t believe the squalor that these dogs had been living in for years,” Cantu said. “I was completely surprised by how loving, sweet, and friendly these dogs were. It truly shows the nature of dogs — that they can be totally mistreated but still happy and wagging their tails at the sight of new faces.”

Today, both Akira and Guero are doing well, and Akira is now available for adoption. While Lopez and Cantu would love to find them a home together, they are open to those interested in adopting any one of the dogs individually.

Akira still needs to gain more weight, is a cuddle bug, and loves her bed. She does well with other dogs who understand they must respect her personal space. The best home for her would be a calm and quiet one. The animal care staff members have not tested her behavior towards cats.

Guero has hypothyroidism which means he has an under active thyroid. He’ll require medication twice a day for the remainder of his life. His adopter must also monitor his weight to ensure he does not get too heavy. Someone who enjoys being active would be ideal for him.

“We still need to recheck Guero’s bloodwork,” Lopez said. “We need to make sure he is in the correct range for his medication.” Lopez said their demeanor has not changed since they welcomed them to the shelter.

“Guero looks like he belongs in a Disney or Pixar movie,” Lopez said. “He’s so fluffy!”

Thanks to Burress, more than $4,000 was raised for Akira and Guero. These funds have helped cover the cost of their recovery and treatment, as well as that of other dogs and cats at Valley Animal Center.

“I just appreciate that he [Burress] saw something was wrong and instead of turning a blind eye,” Lopez said, “he stepped up and looked for help.”

Akira’s adoption fee is $180 and includes spay, up to date on vaccines, and microchip ID. When Guero is available, his adoption fee will also be $180 and includes neuter, up to date on vaccines, and microchip ID. Valley Animal Center’s dog adoption center is open Wednesday through Friday from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. and on weekends from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

For those unable to adopt but are interested in making a general donation, they may head to

Email: info@valleyanimal[dot]org
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