Bored in the Kitchen? Try Spreadable Cheese

Feb 11, 2012 | 2012 Articles, Food Fun

by Phyllis C. Johnson

At the end of this article is a coupon for Valentino’s Italian Restaurant in Reedley.

Have the winter blues? Don’t know what to cook anymore? Here’s an idea for you. Pick up some spreadable cheese and some of that crumbled cheese the next time you’re out shopping. There are many flavors to choose from. You can try garlic and herbs, spinach artichoke, tomato and basil, vegetable, onion and parmesan spreads. Here are a few ideas for using it.

A hamburger topped with a sharp cheddar or bacon cheddar flavored spread is a fresh new approach to a favorite sandwich. These cheddar spreads have a full body and robust flavor and are great additions to your game night or seasonal parties. Abby Rizen from the Alouette cheese company says that cheddars go well with pretzels and crackers and are a great enhancement to your macaroni and cheese dish. Imagine the possibilities. You can put cheese spread on baked potatoes for an extra burst of flavor. That’s good and tasty mingling with the taste of sour cream and butter. If you’re serving garlic toast, smear some on top. It will be even tastier.

You can use the crumbled cheeses in a variety of ways. They come in a number of flavors including blue cheese, feta, goat cheese and garlic and herb. This kind of cheese can be sprinkled on sliced tomatoes with a little olive oil. Add crumbly cheese and tomatoes to pita bread to make mini pizzas. The kids will love it. It’s also good to have around when you’re making omelets in the morning and adds flavor.

Alouette crumbled goat cheese Provencal mini tacos

Speaking of cheese, what’s better than cheese on a great dish from an Italian restaurant-treat yourself to Reedley’s own Valentino’s–their specials are listed on their Facebook page. Check out this special coupon for KRL’s readers!

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Phyllis C. Johnson is an author and photojournalist living in Virginia. She’s the author of four poetry books, including one titled Being Frank with Anne, a poetic tribute to Anne Frank. She’s also the co-author of inkBLOT, co-written with Nancy Naigle under the pen name, Johnson Naigle. Photojournalism has taken her on an interesting journey, including judging a city-wide food festival, something that really rocked her world! She loves food writing and the perks that can come with it. Learn more on her website.


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