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Feb 5, 2011 | 2011 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Contributors, Music, Teens

by Justin Kamimoto

Alan Maloney, Randy Marks, Jill Holstein and Steve Samano all make up Fresno’s hot local band, Krossover. “Krossover paved its way into music in October of 2009 and has redefined itself to fit today’s current music climate,” said Alan Maloney, Krossover’s only original member.


Leading the lineup is Alan Maloney, Krossover’s guitarist, band leader, sound man, vocalist, and business manager. Coming up is Randy Marks on bass guitar, vocals and harmonica, Jill Holstein on vocals and Steve Samano on drums as well as vocals. Maloney, Samano and Marks have been playing professionally in the music business for 30-plus years, with newbie Holstein as the adopted sister of the Krossover family.

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Krossover features a classic-rock-based funk and blues sound with some country, while incorporating the newest sounds of rock on the charts. You won’t find any rap, hip hop, or metal here but listeners will tune into a wide array of musical genres.

Showcasing four original sounds, Krossover mostly is a cover band, covering only the top songs known today. Sometime this year the band plans to record their original songs.

You can find Krossover performing nearly every weekend at local establishments such as Fibber McGee’s, Sequoia Brewing Company (both Valley locations), Jimbo’s, Kimmies, and at private functions. Krossover will provide a high-energy rock-based show with tight harmonies, state of the art effects and wireless instrumentation, something that no other band in town does.

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“[Music] fills a need in our souls to perform and share our talent,” said Alan on behalf of the entire group. True to the love of music, Krossover is happy performing their local gigs for fun without entering the world of rock stars. In fact, all members of Krossover are just like you and me, with day jobs and enjoying the fun that music offers them on the side.

Find Krossover on Facebook. For booking information you can contact them at: 559.301.0286(Mobile) or

You can also keep up to date on their concerts on their KRL event page.

Justin Kamimoto is 17 and a contributor to our
Teen Talk section. He is a senior at Clovis North High School, president of their GSA, and strives to continue his community involvement with hopes in the future of creating his own non-profit organization.

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  1. Are you the Randy Marks From Kingsburg. This is Mark Marchant your old childhood friend. If that is you give a buss.
    408-782-1950. I’m 59 now I think that may be you but not totally sure. Our age has changed our looks for the worst.
    L8R Mark Marchant


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