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Feb 4, 2012 | 2012 Articles, Fantasy & Fangs, Mysteryrat's Maze

Kings River Life is always looking for new writers & over the past few months we have received an overabundance of great mystery and fantasy novels to review. So, since we currently have more books than reviewers we thought we’d give you, the reader, a chance to not only own some great books but write a review for KRL and see your own byline! So below you will find a list of mostly mystery, but some fantasy, novels that we need to have reviewed. You can pick up to four books that you would like to own–the catch is that within the next two months you have to review the books you get and send those reviews to KRL to publish!

For those of you who are also writers, you will also get the opportunity with your review to get a bio where you can promote your blog/website and your latest book! So this is open to everyone who is not currently on staff at KRL, whether you consider yourself a writer, or you’ve never written anything more than an essay for school! So give it a shot–we do have editors that can help you out if you’ve never written before and you can take a look at our past reviews for ideas on format, but I’m pretty sure most avid readers have written a review or two somewhere in their lifetime!

Here are the rules of the game–email KRL at with “reviews” in the subject line or comment below, with the titles of up to 5 books that you would like to own, and review for KRL. You can only get 4 but this way you’ve got a chance at more if someone else beats you to the book. This time around it’s pretty much first come first get! Good luck!

Mystery fiction:

Mystery books-February Penguin

1. It Takes A Witch by Heather Blake-taken
2. Ghoul Interrupted by Victoria Laurie-taken
3. An Appetite For Murder by Lucy Berdette-taken
4. Cake On A Hot Tin Roof by Jacklyn Brady
5. The Walled Flower by Lorraine Bartlett-taken
6. Old Haunts by E. J. Copperman-taken
7. Death on Heels by Ellen Byerrum
8. A Fitting End by Melissa Bourbon-taken
9. Town In A Wild Moose Chase by B.B.Haywood-taken
10. Buried In A Book by Lucy Arlington-taken
11. Plan Bee by Hannah Reed
12. Die Job by Lila Dare
13. If Fried Chicken Could Fly by Paige Shelton
14. Wild Wild Death by Casey Daniels-taken
15. Affairs of Steak by Julie Hyzy-taken
16. You Might As Well Die by J.J. Murphy-taken

Fantasy/horror fiction:

1. City of the Lost by Stephen Blackmoore
2. Raven Cursed by Faith Hunter-taken
3. Dust of the Damned by Peter Brandvold
4. The Mortal Bone by Marjorie M Liu-taken
5. The Bitter Seed of Magin by Suzanne McLeod-taken
6. Undone Deeds by Mark Del Franco-taken
7. The Order of the Scales by Stephen Deas-taken

US residents only please.


  1. Greetings from Amy, avid life long lover of SF & F in all media, just recently discovered your site. I do not like ‘mundane ‘ mysteries.

    Would love to please get review copies of:
    2. Raven Cursed by Faith Hunter
    4. The Mortal Bone by Marjorie M Liu
    5. The Bitter Seed of Magic by Suzanne McLeod
    6. Undone Deeds by Mark Del Franco
    7. The Order of the Scales by Stephen Deas

    I have reviewed before! You can read some of my opinions at and in every issue if Feline Mewsings newsletters starting with issue # 27 at:

    THANKS SO MUCH! And if you like my writing, I’d love to review for you regularly.

    Amy Harlib
    212 West 22nd St. #2N
    N.Y., NY 10011-2707

  2. 1. Affairs of Steak/Hyzy–I love the White House Executive Chef series!
    2. An Appetite for Murder/Burdette
    3. Buried in a Book/Arlington
    If Terrance can do this, I can do better!


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