Reedley Firefighter Dylan Garrison: saving lives and cheating death

Feb 1, 2020 | 2020 Articles, Lorie Lewis Ham, Public Protectors, Reedley News

by Lorie Lewis Ham

KRL did several articles last year profiling different aspects of the City of Reedley, including several articles about the Reedley Police Department. This year we are profiling members of the Reedley Fire Department, beginning with Firefighter Dylan Garrison.

KRL: Are you from Reedley?

Dylan: I was born and raised in Reedley

KRL: Where did you go to school?

Dylan: I went to Great Western Elementary, T.L Reed for middle school, Reedley High School, Reedley College, and National University for my BA degree.

Firefighter Dylan Garrison

KRL: Are you full time or volunteer?

Dylan: At the Reedley Fire department, we are all volunteers besides the Chiefs.

KRL: When did you first know you wanted to be a firefighter and why?

KRL: I grew up around the Fire Service due to my father being a Firefighter and seeing how rewarding the job of a Firefighter is. I decided to pursue a career as a Firefighter in 2015 because I enjoyed being a volunteer firefighter where I was able to help people in the worst time in their lives. I enjoy that the Fire Service challenges you everyday because every shift is not the same like the previous day. Also, being a role model to the public is something I enjoy where you have the opportunity to change people’s lives.

KRL: How long have you been one and how long with Reedley Fire Department?

Dylan: I have been a Volunteer Firefighter for Reedley Fire Department since 2012. I have also had two short stints as a Firefighter 1 with Cal Fire. I am currently a Full Time Firefighter with the City of Dinuba Fire Department.

KRL: What kind of training did you go through?

Dylan: I attended the Fresno City College Fire Academy to achieve my Firefighter 1 certificate. I also took the EMT course and passed the National Registry to become a licensed EMT. I have taken different California State Fire Marshal training courses to better myself as a Firefighter. I attended Allan Hancock College where I graduated with an Associates Degree in Fire Science.

KRL: What do you like best about being a firefighter?

Dylan: The thing I like best about being a firefighter is the brotherhood of the fire service and being able to help people in a time of need. One of the best quotes that describes what is best about being a firefighter is “saving lives and cheating death.”

KRL: What is the hardest?

Dylan: The hardest part about being a firefighter is trying to forget some the traumatic calls you respond to. One of the biggest things in the fire service right now is suicide and PTSD due to the traumatic and emotional calls we respond to.

KRL: What is a typical day like for you on the job?

Dylan: As a full time firefighter, a typical day is you come onto shift at 8 am., put your gear and tool on the apparatus, start doing your daily check-offs to make sure all apparatus and equipment is working properly so that you are operational ready, and then train on the many different aspects of the fire service to keep your skills sharp. As a Volunteer Firefighter for Reedley Fire Department, a typical day is we are on call 24 hours 7 days a week. We carry a pager on us so that when a call for service comes in, we respond from home or wherever we may be in the City of Reedley.

KRL: Is there one special moment you would like to share?

Dylan: There are many special moments I have experienced throughout the years of being a Firefighter. Whenever I have the opportunity change someone’s life is always a special moment to me.

KRL: Hobbies?

Dylan: Some of the hobbies I enjoy is being a CrossFit athlete and competing in CrossFit competitions. I enjoy anything outdoors such as Snowboarding and Wake Boarding. Coaching baseball. Spending time with family and friends.

KRL: Family?

Dylan: I am married to my beautiful wife Kimberly and we have two sons. Liam is 9 years old and Greyson is 5 years old.

Dylan and his family

KRL: Future plans/goals?

Dylan: My future plans are to become a Paramedic, continue to take fire classes to better myself as a firefighter, and promote through the ranks when the opportunity arises.

KRL: Anything else you would like to share?

Dylan: Thank you for the opportunity for this interview and I am blessed everyday with the support of my family where I am able to help people everyday as a career.

Watch for many more profiles on Reedley firefighters this year, and you can find even more Reedley articles in our Reedley News section!

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