Mell’s Mutts: Pearl

Jan 30, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures

by Mell Garcia

Mell Garcia is the founder of Mell’s Mutts, an animal rescue in Fresno, CA. This is their first column with KRL–they will be sharing their animal rescue stories with us each month.

This is Pearl and this is her story.


In early October there was a post on social media that showed the picture of a beautiful dog sitting in a grassy area near a creek. The person who posted was asking for help because she believed this dog had been dumped. This area is notorious for dumped dogs, and this particular dog had been sitting in the exact spot for the entire day. Sadly she sat in the same place possibly waiting for someone to return; nobody ever did. The following morning a group of our volunteers went out looking for her. Initially they couldn’t find her, but then saw something moving behind one of the bushes, and to their sadness, it was her. She now had fresh wounds all over her—very different from how she looked in the social media picture from 24 hours before. She couldn’t even stand up on her own so she was carried out of the bush and rushed to our veterinarian’s office. We were very grateful to hear that her wounds and injuries all appeared superficial, but it looked like she might have been hit by a car, or possibly attacked by other dogs overnight.

We named this amazing girl Pearl. We may never know where she came from or what her life was before we found her, but we now know she is an absolute sweetheart. She is currently in a foster home but wants nothing more than a forever family to bond with and love. Pearl weighs approximately 80 pounds, she loves going for walks and running in the grass. She seems to be more fond of women, and a little nervous around men, but in the right environment we are sure she will thrive. Pearl is now spayed, up to date on vaccines, microchipped, and has been examined and medically cleared by a veterinarian for adoption.

Mell’s Mutts is a nonprofit rescue that started three years ago. We are a foster based organization and have been honored to have helped hundreds of dogs find their forever homes. But our main focus is to promote spay and neuter services at low or no cost. We see the great need in our community to help reduce the number of unwanted, homeless, and stray dogs. The best way we believe this can be accomplished is by people altering their dogs before an accidental litter happens, which can then multiply exponentially. Due to the pandemic our availability to help is much more limited, but if you or someone you know needs help having a dog spayed or neutered, please contact us via phone (559-259-2709), or you can follow us on our social media pages.


Check out more animal rescue stories in our Pet Perspective section here in KRL and on our sister website KRL News & Reviews. Advertise in KRL and 10% of your advertising fees can go to to Mell’s Mutts.


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