Teen Poetry Corner: January Winners!

Jan 29, 2011 | 2011 Articles, Teens, Terrific Tales

by Valley Teens

These poems were written by local teens who won our January Teen Talk poetry contest.The contest is open to anyone age 14-19 in the Kings River area. The next winners will be published in February. Take advantage of this chance to have your poem published online and available for everyone to read! Any subject or type of poem will be considered with five or more poems selected at the end of most months, details below.


Weary Eyes
by Alex Reyna, Senior Reedley High School

Into her weary eyes I gaze.
Eyes enveloped by sadness,
The very sadness from the hole…
The hole of her life.

Her eyes—eyes once filled with joy.
A radiant hazel that would fill me,
Fill me with warmth throughout my body.
And I saw those eyes filled,
Filled with a determination,
A determination to see something new,
Something other than fruit groves,
And see what else the world has to offer.

Now when I gaze upon those eyes,
There is emptiness.
The emptiness of lonely roads,
The now spoiled crops of the year.
I also see a pale grey,
 A grey that makes me want to kill myself.
Her eyes fill me up with sorrow,
The very sorrow from the hole…
The hole of her life.

Finding My Desire
by Blake Linscheid, Senior Reedley High School

Nothing but eerie, dreaded silence that holds a person’s soul,

The lack of noise that captivates someone’s life completely,
The sound of loneliness and bitter tears.

A feeling of depression no one can overcome in a matter of minutes,
The sense of pain that crumbles a human’s life without remorse.
The expression that everyone else but I can experience.

The world stares at me with a dumbfounded look, cutting my spirits like a knife.
The look of ridicule I cannot overcome without seeking revenge.
I will not hold back these feelings and let Earth take over me.
I have to speak my mind or else a sinkhole will take effect at the base of my skull.

Hardly a horrible point in my everyday life,
To me feels like a time where I can let loose my thoughts and unravel my emotions.
Where I am finally at peace with my sorrow.

It’s the only thing keeping my heart beating at this point.
The satisfaction of keeping a steady grudge against the universe.
A feeling of anger that gets me through just one more day knowing my retaliation is near.

By now my nerves are shot and my brain receptors are fried,
I can’t feel much pain anymore, I am fully numb.
The voices inside me want out but I know all hell will break loose if I let go.
I must keep my secret remaining a mystery to all.

The time has come, I bid farewell to everyone here.
No one cares where I am going but I sense fear in their souls.
I look up to find that one special star that always knows where I am,
I know for a fact, I’m heading home.

Swing and Miss
by Dylan Garrison, Senior Reedley High School

The Fastball
That you hope to crush
But in a rush.

The Curveball
That you thought was there
Is in air.

The Knuckler
Is coming like a drunk person walking
And is squawking.

The Sinker
Comes like a top,
Then it drops.

The Ranch
by Jodi Bienvenue, Senior Reedley High School

We got up early every day.
The cattle needed to be checked and horses had to be fed.

I remember sitting on the fence watching my dad hobble the colt for the first time.
He jumped, trying to find his balance on three legs.
I heard the cattle bawl when it came time for branding.
Ropes flying and hair singeing, the calves were permanently marked.

I remember riding my horse as fast as he could go,
Trying to catch up with the wind that was way ahead of me.
I felt so small when I stood on the hill overlooking hundreds of cattle.
With summer came warm nights and lying on my blanket looking at the stars.

I remember that old dirt road that led to the little house where I spent my childhood.
I remember the ranch.

Ali Cat
by Ali Trostel, Senior Reedley High School

We’re in California Lit
And they call me Ali Cat,
So it’s time to take a sit
And let me tell you where it’s at.

Born in Laguna Hills
Somewhere down by L.A.,
Always looking for a thrill,
That is how I live my day.

I love to compete,
Any field, any court.
I’m a determined athlete
And I love every sport

I sing in the shower.
Yeah, music is the way.
It gives me the power
To make it through the day

I don’t care to shop
But I like the bling bling.
All the hints that I drop
Lead to lots of good things

Princess is my dog.
She is such a great thing.
She jumps like a frog
When I come home in the evening.

Two cats, a dog, and a mouse
Named Magoo.
So many pets in our house
That we can start a zoo

I got my family and my friends,
My mom and my dad.
Without all of them
Life would truly be sad.

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