Hairspray Returns to Roger Rocka’s

Jan 25, 2012 | 2012 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Lorie Lewis Ham, Theatre

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Hairspray opened at Good Company Players’ Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater this past weekend and my daughter and I had the pleasure of seeing it. When Hairspray was at Roger Rocka’s a year or two ago it was so popular that they not only extended it by a couple of weeks, but decided to bring it back again this season, and I for one am glad since I missed it last time.

Ashley as Tracy

For those who aren’t familiar with this show, or the movie version, Hairspray is about a young overweight teenage girl named Tracy living in the 60s. Tracy’s dream is to be on the Corny Collins music show as a dancer but no one believes she can do it because of her weight. Hairspray not only deals with discrimination against those who don’t fit the skinny stereotype, but also against African Americans. While this show is filled with great music and a lot of laughter and fun, the way it deals with discrimination is wonderful and inspiring. The character of Tracy, wonderfully played in this show by Ashley Wilkinson, is also inspiring because she is comfortable with who she is and never gives up! This show is quickly becoming one of my favorites because of that great combination of drama, comedy, music and fun.

Most of the cast is back from the last time they did the show, with just a few changes including Peter Allwine taking on the role of Corny Collins. Peter alone is a great reason to go see this show–he never fails to deliver with both comedic timing and an awesome voice!

Peter as Corny

“I think I was drawn to Corny Collins because he seemed a fun character to play,” shared Peter. “If you saw Hairspray the first time, it’s bigger and better this time around, so don’t miss it. If it’s your first time seeing the show, it’s a fantastic fun night of theater, full of amazing singing, wonderful dancing, and high energy fun – definitely not to be missed!”

“The stage version isn’t terribly different from the movie, but there are a few differences,” continued Peter. “All of the principal characters are there, but a few plot points from the movie are not in the stage version. Of course, you can do more in the movies (i.e. location and whatnot) that you can’t do onstage, but the overall themes of the show are ever present.”

A couple of the songs are also different. I was thrilled to see my favorite song is in the stage version, “Timeless To Me”, sung by Tracy’s parents. Tracy’s mom, Edna, is always played by a man which is perfect for this role and provides some wonderful comedic moments. Richard Ruth does a fabulous job with this character that happens to be one of my favorites! The girl playing Penny, Tracy’s best friend, was also very funny and a standout. Everyone really did a great job. It’s a show you shouldn’t miss because it truly has everything you could want in a musical.

Ticket details on their KRL event page.

Richard Ruth as Edna & Rich Burt as Tracy's father Wilbur (performing Timeless To Me)

Editor’s note: The show is dedicated to the memory of the wonderful Steve Pepper.

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