7 Must-Have Safety Equipment For Your Boat

Jan 24, 2022 | 2022 Articles, Sports

by staff

Boating is one of the most fun and adventurous water sport. However, it is a source of many earning the bread and butter. Though it is a very exciting experience for many of us, it can at times become equally dangerous. Unexpected Storms, cyclones, tsunamis, and other harsh weather conditions can create a lot of trouble for the riders; hence, it is always a smart idea to carry all the safety equipment with you. Also, earning a boating license course is also recommended if you have to go boating quite often, ilearntoboat has courses to complete your CA boating license.

Safety Equipment For Your Boat

1. PFD or Lifejacket
Almost everybody knows that the basic and life-saving safety equipment is the life jacket. But unfortunately, many people don’t carry it along despite knowing the fact that how beneficial it could be.

2. Hand pump

A hand pump is a very important safety tool that could help you remove the boat’s water. But, if somehow the water starts making its way into the boat, then the consequences could be really alarming. So, make sure that you keep a hand pump in your boat all the time.

3. Navigation Lights
The visibility is sometimes disturbed due to fog, rain, and other extreme weather conditions. This is when these navigation lights could save your day. Also, they can be used during and even after sunset.

4. Sound Signaling Device
A sound signaling device is one of the most important things you need to carry with you. It can help you to give a signal to other boats or ships nearby whenever you are stuck or in need. It can also help others to track your location.

5. Fire Extinguisher
It is highly recommended to carry a fire extinguisher with you if your boat contains any machinery such as a motor, cooking stove, fuel-consuming units, heaters, etc. Although not all boats require a fire extinguisher, you must still carry one to remain on the safe side.

6. Anchor and Rope
Again, it is another important piece of equipment that you must always keep in your boat. Anchors could be really helpful when you are boating in deep waters. They can save you and your boat from many dangerous situations. Also, carry a long rope with you; the length of the rope should be at least 15 meters.

7. Vessel License
Do carry your vessel license or a copy of it with you every time you go boating. In addition, it is strictly advised to carry a vehicle license in some states if your boat’s motor is more than or up to 10 horsepower.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all of the equipment is in good condition and working properly. One great tip is to check all of this equipment at least once before getting into the boat for a ride. No matter how good or trained you think you are, you can never predict what will happen in the future, so it’s good to take all the safety precautions because there is nothing more precious than your life.

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