The Painted Table, Located in the heart of Fresno’s Tower District

Jan 23, 2016 | 2016 Articles, Food Fun, Kathy Eide Casas

by Kathy Eide Casas

Painted Table co-owners and personal chefs, Jeromie Garza and Rod Hansen, seamlessly weave their style, culinary talents, and creativity together to form the tapestry for the Valley’s most innovative and delectable food experiences. The result is the highly acclaimed catering experience, The Painted Table. It has been a journey and a dream. painted table

Step back in time nearly ten years ago to their first venture on the path to becoming the ‘Go-To Caterer for Foodies.’ Picture this: a San Francisco-style trolley car parked on a piece of property in the Central Valley’s own Caruthers. The trolley car served as a unique coffee walk-up, with the rich aroma of brewing beans wafting through this rural community. The sounds of the trolley bell ringing became a well-known and welcome sound for new and returning customers who flocked to the car for their daily brew! This venture was so successful that Jeromie and Rod expanded the business into breakfast and lunch, and most days were sold out in record time.

Their next step was a food truck, where they prepared pulled pork sandwiches, burgers, and other spectacularly delicious items. Parked at the Hanford Farmers Market, they consistently had the longest lines of customers, who were willing to wait for their sizzling entrees. Success continued to build, and they purchased a food trailer for catering. Then Fresno called to them.

painted table

Chef Rod with some of his custom desserts

They went north and moved to a house on historic Huntington Boulevard where they conducted private tastings and hosted special events. The reality was setting in that their love of creating food was transitioning into a highly successful business. They committed to finding a commissary—a kitchen in which they could cook—and they found it in the Meridian Banquet Hall. Once again, that was sufficient for a time, but they were soon experiencing all-too-familiar growing pains. The owner of the Tower Theatre contacted them to gauge their interest in what was known as the old Daily Planet. With the foundation of their loyal and ever-growing clientele, they took the leap of faith and have never even glanced back.

From a coffee walk up to a multi-million dollar catering company has been an organic journey. Yet, “We are still evolving,” emphasized Jeromie. “Every day brings new challenges that we are always ready to meet.”

Their calendar is busy every month of the year, filled with corporate events, cocktail parties, receptions and weddings. “Our clients know our catering will be a unique and excellent experience,” Jeromie explained. With a team of employees that now numbers well into the double digits, the Painted Table fills a special niche within Fresno and the surrounding communities.

painted table

Custom centerpieces

“There is absolutely art to catering,” Jeromie continued. “When people think about catering, in general, they think banquet dinner. We are working hard to change that perception with our first class food and service.“

The Painted Table specializes in heritage and comfort foods; if they prepare pot roast, “it’s going to be a five-star pot roast, worthy of a black tie gala menu,” said Jeromie, and their customers agree.

The Painted Table also offers a monthly Supper Club. Each month, they design a themed multi-course meal, served at their Tower District venue. The upcoming Supper Club for February will be a “Wrapped” theme. It will be an eight-to-12 course meal extravaganza where each course will be wrapped. Reservations, tickets, and more information can be found on their website, or by calling Amy at 559.433.7199. This event sells out quickly and seating will be limited, so if you’re looking for something special for Valentine’s Day, don’t wait to call.

painted table

Vegan Menu Options

Another unique aspect of their success includes their philanthropic philosophy. Fresno M.E.A.L.S. has been a part of the Painted Table Family since day one. “We provide all the food and the facility, and the chefs come in to volunteer even after they’ve already worked. Our incredible staff has the biggest hearts! We turn over our kitchens to those who then hand-deliver meals to over 200 homeless individuals. We feel privileged to be able to help,” explained Jeromie.

This year, Painted Table will also support the REEL Pride Film Festival and a yet-to-be-determined animal shelter organization.

To get more information about this wonderfully memorable catering experience, located in the very heart of Fresno, please visit, and you can find them on Facebook.

The Painted Table
1211 North Wishon Avenue
Fresno, CA 93728

Kathy Eide Casas is a valley native and has been involved in politics, public policy and public relations her entire career. From the U. S. and state capitols to local projects, she has been a guiding force. Most recently, Eide-Casas completed the writing for two U Turns Allowed magazines, benefiting Focus Forward. Additionally, her work has run in several other local publications, including Valley Health Magazine.


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