I Mostri Feroci, Fierce Creatures: CD Review

Jan 22, 2011 | 2011 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Books & Tales, Contributors, Music, Teens

by Kaiti Ray

Stationed in Fresno California, local band Fierce Creatures, released their EP I Mostri Feroci on July 6th of 2010. The release party was set at a small venue in Fresno, where a handful of Fierce Creature’s fans were able to get up close and personal with the band, as well as purchase the album.

Although their name might lead one to believe that Fierce Creatures’ music would fall into the same genre as something that sounds fierce, I found the music of I Mostri Feroci to be very easy listening. Listeners who enjoy bands like Bright Eyes or Mumford and Sons will definitely want to check out this rising band.

Their sound is unique in a strange yet alluring way. The multiple voices and transitions make each song distinct from the last without diverting too far from one sound. I found it very hard not to want to listen to the same song more than once. At the same time that you can thoroughly enjoy the music, you get the feeling that you’re supposed to be listening for more than just the sound.

Another aspect of Fierce Creatures’ EP that impressed me was the wonderful production value. This album has to be one of the best sounding self-produced albums I’ve ever listened to. Despite their obvious musical talent it is evident that this group of musicians really knows what they are doing on all levels of producing an outstanding work.

For updates on the band and their performances check out their Facebook Page and their Twitter @FierceCreatures

Watch for a profile of this band in a February issue of KRL.

Kaiti Ray is 17 and an ongoing contributor to our
Teen Talk section; an up and coming writer from Kingsburg, she hopes to someday be a New York Times best-selling author.


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