Happiness Is Listening to Your Dog Snore: Humorous and Inspirational Dog Quotes to Celebrate Our Canine Friends

Jan 22, 2022 | 2022 Articles, Books & Tales, Pets, Sandra Murphy

by Sandra Murphy

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Gathering hundreds of quotes about dogs should be an easy thing to do, unless you have to dodge copyright issues or make sure the proper person is given credit.

I was asked to do just that and immediately found a wonderful quote that apparently six different people said first. There’s no tracing it back to where and when so I deleted it from my file. Copyright was another glitch. Only works published in 1925 or before can be freely used.

I made lists of quotes, researched, rejected, added more, and decided to sort them into categories—inspirational, humorous, and sentimental. T-shirts and memes added a lot of fun. I used only those I found in numerous places.

Breed specific quotes are often the best, teasing a dog’s quirks. For instance, about Border Collies—“I only know what I herd.” In the final count, there are multiple quotes involving thirty-one different breeds from Basset hounds to Yorkies.

Because I review mystery and thriller books here at Kings Rive Life, I know books have characters with dogs or as in the case of Spencer Quinn (the Chet and Bernie mysteries), the main character and narrator is the dog, Chet. Some authors have dogs of their own but not in their books. I contacted the writers through Facebook Messenger and asked for original quotes. I thought I’d have to wait for them to straggle in. Within minutes, I had a dozen tabs open as the authors sent their thoughts. Readers won’t see them anywhere else.

Going through the list, I found a quote used both in both the breed and humor categories. It led to a key word search with a lot of duplicates. Apparently, once I love a quote, I really love it!

In the end, there are over 300 quotes. Some will warm your heart, a few will bring a tear to your eyes, and the rest should carry a Spew Alert. Do not drink while reading or the screen or page may be damaged as a guffaw erupts mid-sip.

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Mungo Ferguson, wondering why he wasn’t the cover dog, photographer Ginger Ferguson

For the after-the-holidays-letdown, we’ll run a promotion featuring photos sent in by readers, showing their dogs with a copy of the book—or reading from the tablet (the cover must show on the tablet). If your dog wants to be included, send me a photo—resized so it doesn’t blow up my inbox, please.

Cats can’t be left out either! Look for cat quotes, coming in 2022. If you have a pithy saying or favorite quote, based on the rules above, email me at submissions@mindspring[dot]com.

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Sandra Murphy lives in the shadow of the Arch in St. Louis Missouri. She’s editor for Peace, Love, and Crime: Crime Stories Inspired by the Songs of the ’60s, with twenty-two cozy stories. She also edited A Murder of Crows, twenty-one stories featuring animals and crime (no animals were harmed). She also writes for magazines, newsletters, and the occasional guest blog. Both anthologies are available at the usual outlets, print or ebook. She is also the author of Happiness Is Listening to Your Dog Snore.

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  1. Can’t wait to read this one.
    Will be fun, “educational”
    and one to keep for repeat
    reads. thanks

    • I think you’ll enjoy it! The humorous ones had me laughing the whole time I worked on the book. It makes a great gift too.

  2. Love the cover, love the title! Can’t wait to read.

  3. Would love to win this fun book! Thank you for your wonderful giveaway!

  4. We have a winner!


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