Campus Christian Club at Reedley High School

Jan 22, 2011 | 2011 Articles, Education, Ministry Musings, Reedley News, Teens

by Billiann Robertson

In this day and age, Christian outreach is a difficult thing to accomplish. At Reedley High School, students prove that they can overcome this difficulty and provide a Christian outlet for students on their campus. With the assistance of RHS teacher Joyce Huebert, students have established and maintained the Campus Christian Club at Reedley High for two years and, according to them, it will remain intact for as many years as possible.

Campus Christian club meets at lunch every other Thursday in HE3, also known as Joyce Huebert’s home economics classroom. The students are able to fellowship together, play games, participate in devotionals, listen to guest speakers, and eat lunch prepared by Mrs. Huebert. Past guest speakers include Pastor Ronn Hobbs from Full Gospel Tabernacle, Youth Pastor Lonney Moore from Redeemer’s Church and the youth pastor from the Mennonite Brethren Church.

Being a part of the club and doing these things in a Christian environment means a lot to me. There is nothing better than topping off my week with fellowship, devotion, prayer, and great food. Whether you know a student who needs a Christian outlet, or simply a group of nice students to spend time with; let them know that Campus Christian Club accepts new members all year long.

Other religious clubs on the Reedley High campus include Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Catholics in Action. For more information about these other clubs contact Chrisann Boone at Reedley High School.

Billian Robertson is 16 years old, personal assistant to our publisher and a contributor to our Teen Talk section who has a real appreciation for the area, with expectations of settling here after college.


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