Nut Job: Movie Review

Jan 20, 2014 | 2014 Articles, Movies, Sheryl Wall

by Sheryl Wall

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Nut Job is about the animals in a park struggling to store enough food for the winter, and one Squirrel in particular, named Surly, who is known as a troublemaker who only looks out for himself and his rat friend, Buddy. Surly ends up causing the little food that the other animals have stored in a tree to end up being burned up by a run away peanut cart and finds himself banished from the park to live out in the city alone.

Surly stumbles across this Nut Shop that has enough food to help all the animals in the park, but he wants it all for himself. The leader of the park, a raccoon, sends out squirrels Andie and Grayson to find food for everyone. Andie ends up being a true leader, while Grayson is thought as a hero only to be a coward who likes the attention. They end up teaming up with Surly to steal the food from the shop and end up befriending a pug named Precious, who aids in their plans. While the animals are planning their own robbery, the humans at the shop are working on their plans to rob the bank that is next door.

The scenery of the fall colors in the Nut Job is beautifully done and the characters are full of details that aid in making the movie fun to watch. There is a lot of character depth that I didn’t expect, and I enjoyed watching how they developed as the story unfolds. The relationship between Buddy and Surly was simple, yet showed true friendship. I really like how they had the two story lines intertwine throughout the movie. I also enjoyed how the pug, Precious, tied the two story lines together.

My expectations for Nut Job going into it were very low, but it ended up being a surprisingly fun film to watch. Nut Job is something that the whole family can enjoy watching together although it could have done without the song at the end credits which I felt was inappropriate for very young children, but it’s not a needed aspect for the movie so you can always leave just before the credits to avoid it. Overall I think it’s a movie worth seeing for all ages.

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