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Jan 19, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Rodent Ramblings

by Alyssa Nader

Alyssa Nader is a volunteer with Rattie Ratz Rescue in the bay area of California. Each month KRL will be featuring at least one animal rescue adventure story, and every other month there will be one from Rattie Ratz.

For some of our adopters, rats are like potato chips: they can’t just stop at one. Having a great adoption experience with Rattie Ratz and experiencing the love and fun that rats bring to a household makes some come back for more.

Shannon and her family are the proud parents to Bixby, who found his forever home with them through Rattie Ratz. He’s still going strong at 2.7 years old! Shannon decided that it was time to open her home and her heart to new rattie friends and reached out to Rattie Ratz again.

She adopted two boys who were eight weeks old, who she named Otis and Owen. This November, they both turned one year old. They have grown up fast and developed their own unique and delightful personalities in their forever home.

rattie ratz

A happy first birthday for Otis and Owen in their forever home

Otis is a Himalayan with ruby red eyes. He is quite the adventurer and loves to explore new things. He keeps his family on their toes (literally) since he loves to nip at their feet playfully and then run away. One of his favorite activities is to play in a tub full of water as he’s a natural swimmer who loves the water.

Some rats do enjoy water and swimming, but others do not. If you’d like to introduce your rat to water, it’s best to do so slowly and at the rat’s own pace, never placing your rat in water, but rather enticing them to go in on their own. Here’s a great video that explains a technique of using shallow water with pebbles, shells, treats, and other fun rattie objects to get your rat interested and comfortable with water.

As they become accustomed to shallow depths and play as usual, the depth can be increased very gradually, always with ladders or ramps, so your rat has an easy way to get out. The bathtub is not recommended since its sides are quite high and steep, and it’s not easy to create a gradual increase in depth. If you decide to try this, have fun, be careful, and take it slow!

Another one of Otis’ pastimes is spending time with Bixby, his older rattie companion. They have bonded together very well since Otis joined the family, and Bixby has become a great mentor and friend to Otis.

rattie ratz

Rattie Ratz alumni cuddle puddle: Otis, Owen, and Bixby

Owen is a Berkshire, brownish grey. He’s a little more reserved than his bold and adventurous brother, but he will follow Otis’ lead and try new things. That being said, Owen isn’t all shyness and calm; he has a naughty side. As you can see here in the picture of him with a chewed up and sprawled out bag of bedding. Like many rats, he can’t resist getting into things, and his family can’t resist his cute face even when he does.

rattie ratz

Owen caught red handed

Otis and Owen have both been a great addition to Shannon’s family. They look forward to coming home every day to get them out and enjoy their antics and spend time with them. Shannon says they now can’t imagine their life without them.

Rattie Ratz is an all-volunteer organization whose mission is to help all domesticated ratties who come to us find a loving, forever home.

Rattie Ratz: Rescue, Resource, & Referral
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Call us at: (415) 340-1896

If you would like to know more about Rattie Ratz Rescue you can visit their Facebook page. If you are interested in adoptable rats or volunteering for Rattie Ratz Rescue you can visit their website: www.rattieratz.com.

Check out more animal rescue stories in our Pet Perspective section & watch for more stories from Rattie Ratz every other month. Advertise in KRL and 10% of your advertising fees can go to Rattie Ratz.

Alyssa Blake Nader is a writer and mental health professional living in the Bay Area. She is new to the rat community and mother to two rat brothers named Bitey and Pablo. In her free time, she enjoys creating art, improve performance, dancing to techno, and bothering everyone about rats.


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