Tempt the Stars By Karen Chance

Jan 18, 2014 | 2014 Articles, Fantasy & Fangs, Jesus Ibarra

by Jesus Ibarra

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After a long wait, Tempt the Stars is the sixth installment of the Cassandra Palmer series, once again featuring our favorite clairvoyant and time traveler, Cassie. After the events of the last book where she found she was a demigoddess, she has to deal with how this revelation affects her current life, as well as question exactly who her parents really were. On top of all this, Cassie has to deal with her relationship with the vampire Mircea, and half-demon, Pritkin, who is now in the demon realm, and with the increasing threats the old gods pose who want to come back to Earth.

This book features more great time travel shenanigans and more world building, as we get way more back story on the demon realms that Pritkin is from. This is definitely a book for fans, as it is way more heavily tied to the last book than any other in the series. However, while this book was enjoyable, it had way too much going on and in the end nothing really happened except to set up the premise for the next book. While going into this book, there was a certain promise that Cassie going to the demon realms to save Pritkin, actually meant Pritkin would be back–but nope,
Pritkin was lost once again and Cassie is time traveling to find him again.

Cassie continues to be one of my favorite characters of this series. Although not highly skilled, she is endlessly entertaining and watching her enemies underestimate her at every turn only to learn that there is a method to her madness, is awesome. What’s also great is how proactive she gets in this book and basically does what she wants, sticking it to people who keep telling her what to do.

My main complaints were the pacing–she sort of jumped from one place to another between chapters–which pulled me out of the story, and although Cassie is proactive she still questions her every choice which just feels “off” since this is the sixth book in the series. Aside from those small complaints, this is definitely a worthwhile book that continues to build on the books behind it.

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