Six Work And Wellness Tips For Travel Nurses

Jan 18, 2022 | 2022 Articles, Community

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As a professional travel nurse, you may wonder about the incredible experiences this role has to offer. However, travel nursing exhibits its fair share of disruptions and stressors in one’s day-to-day routine. Working in different environments, in addition to the unfamiliarity of a new location, can take you by surprise. So, you must be ready to deal with challenges that come your way.

Here are a few tips that every travel nurse should follow to achieve better work and life balance.

Opt for online education instead of on-campus programs

Travel nursing offers a unique chance to continue working as a full-time nurse while traveling across the country. It also provides nurses with an opportunity to further their professional careers simultaneously.

Since multiple schools have started offering online courses to get a degree, continuing with your travel and career plans is possible if you’re ready to put in the hard work. Often, professional nurses think they should be settled down and dedicated to living in one place before they finish a degree program to further their careers.

However, a proper plan, an eagerness to dedicate your free time, and the commitment to put in the hard work can help obtain your master’s degree without taking a break from your work.

Becoming a Nurse Practitioner will give you more control over your working hours as a travel nurse. You will have a significant role in providing patient care and more individual practice and independence in choices for your patients. By enrolling in MSN to NP programs online, you can achieve your goal without giving up your current nursing role.

Pre-plan a health and wellness schedule

Before initiating your travel nursing assignment, it is crucial to conduct thorough research on the different factors that may affect your ability to stay healthy. By conducting an online survey of your new location, you can pack suitable clothing according to the weather and create a complete list of all wellness services.

In addition, it’s necessary to have access to some nutritious food. Look for healthy options for dine-in or take-out. Also, look for shops that sell organic ingredients to make your food.

Better eating habits

As a travel nurse, you will be in a new, unusual environment most of the time. You may be unsure where you can access some fresh, nutritious foods. The reality is that various areas may have their struggles, such as the food desert. That may need you to travel a great distance to get some healthy foods. Due to this reason, you may go for an easy option of having fast food.

However, a nutritious diet can keep you energetic and make your body stronger. Eating healthy foods and following a balanced diet are necessary to stay well during any assignment. Picking meals that include vegetables and fruits is essential to maintain your overall health and will boost your immune system. It is imperative when traveling to level up your stress. It can also be helpful for you to search for grocery delivery services and meal preparation subscriptions in that location.

Physical health and routine exercise

Doing sufficient exercise and staying physically active is key to maintaining your overall health. As a travel nurse, find ways to incorporate physical activity into your routine.

When it comes to doing a workout, moving to any new location can alter your momentum. It’s good to begin with finding different options in your neighborhood, such as a gym or any group fitness classes. You can also speak with any representative from your travel nursing agency to know if they’re aware of some corporate discounts with any local fitness agencies.

However, the most convenient way of exercise is taking a routine walk. You should take some free time daily to offer yourself a break and get your blood flowing while having fresh air and some sunlight along your way.

Mental wellness

Efficiently managing your stress during any travel nurse assignment affects your health and overall work performance. Being in a strange environment can sometimes result in elevated pressure, making self-care habits more crucial.

Find some self-care habits you’re fond of, and never be afraid to try different available activities in the new location. If you’re working with any mental wellness expert, such as a therapist, keep having their support all the time while you’re working on your travel nurse assignment. It will be helpful to connect with the travel nursing agency about some resources on mental support programs offered by the company.

Build a wellness network with your fellow travel nurses

Creating a mobile community is crucial for you as a travel nurse. Keeping your loved ones updated about you while you’re on a nursing assignment is necessary. Staying connected will keep you determined and remind you that you’re not alone and are well supported.

However, building a relationship with other travel nurses provides another excellent layer of support. If you are at any new location, your colleagues can relate to the struggles you’re experiencing during your assignment.

Travel nurses can have many questions, and that’s fine. Speaking to your fellow travel nurse lets you get answers to all your concerns about the challenges you might encounter. That process is like having a mentor, and it’s not merely for clinical support but also for your entire wellness journey.


With all these work and wellness tips, travel nurses will stay strong enough to face any challenges they encounter. Travel nurses need to follow all or at least some of these pro-tips to make their journey smoother while working in a new location. However, it’s always necessary to do your research work before starting any travel assignment to ensure your safety and overall health.

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