Why You Should Pursue a Career as a Contractor

Jan 15, 2020 | 2020 Articles, Community

by staff

As the work place continues to evolve, many people are seeking increasingly non-traditional employment options. One of the more popular avenues that aspiring workers are following is the world of self-employment, which can take a variety of forms. From freelancing to contractor work, each career path requires different qualifications.paid post

This shouldn’t put you off from pursuing a career as a contractor, however. Acquiring a Contractor’s License doesn’t have to be a painful process, and once it’s completed you can get straight to work in what could potentially be a career for life. There are numerous resources available to make the process simpler. At Contractor Training Centre there’s a huge amount of advice and exam-prep tools that can help you on your way to passing, so you don’t need to lose sleep over returning to the world of exams.

But why is qualifying to be a contractor such an appealing concept? Well, here’s just a few reasons we’ve put together for you.

You’re Your Own Boss

One of the most common complaints people make about their workplace is about their nightmare boss. We’ve all heard horror stories from friends, and you might have experienced a couple of them yourself. Being your own boss removes the possibility of an overbearing boss. Of course, you still have clients or parent companies to answer to, but the relationship feels a lot more equal.

Not only that, but we all love our independence. Feeling in control of the direction our life is taking is empowering, and personally handling whom you work for and when you’re going to be working for them is a huge contributor to that. It lifts the ceiling of possibility so that what you achieve is up to you.

You Have More Flexibility

When working a more conventional job, you likely have a set amount of working hours to complete each week, and they have to be completed within specific time frames. This means making plans, for either the long-term or the short-term, can be exceptionally challenging.

When you work for yourself, you have the freedom to move things around as you see fit. Sure, you work closely with clients on projects as they’re progressing, but between projects, you have nothing but flexibility. Also, even when you’re busy with a project, you can still decide your own hours. Working as a contractor means you can spend more time living your life.

You Potentially Earn a Lot More

This isn’t a guaranteed perk, but it is an entirely possible one. When you’re self-employed, you are responsible for your own income. You don’t have a set salary that you are sure to earn every year. It fluctuates, and this can seem scary to begin with. There’s every chance you could take a pay cut when you first begin. There’s also a big chance you could achieve a huge pay raise in the long-term.

When you first start out, you probably aren’t going to be rolling in dollar bills. You need to assert yourself in a competitive industry, gain client’s trust, and build relationships. Over time, however, these efforts begin to pay off if you do good work and keep your standards consistent.

Not only that but as more people turn to non-traditional employment, companies are looking the same way. Frankly, it costs companies less to take on temporary contractors than it does to take on a permanent employee, so they’re often willing to pay more.

The Takeaway

Granted, studying for a Contractor’s License doesn’t sound the most interesting thing you can do with your time. No adult misses taking exams, but the result can be gratifying, and resources at Contractor Training Centre help to smooth out the entire process. With the right preparation, you can embark on an exciting career path with no limits.

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