Waffles, a Great Breakfast Treat

Jan 14, 2012 | 2012 Articles, Food Fun

by Phyllis C. Johnson

Whether it’s summer or winter, waffles make a satisfying breakfast. With the waffle makers available now, it’s really a foolproof item to cook. My husband bought the type you see in hotels and it turns out perfect waffles. A buzzer rings when it’s time to pop it open to reveal an evenly cooked and browned waffle, ready for your choice of syrup.

There are many flavors of syrups and often I buy sugar free but I read that real maple syrup has more than twenty antioxidants with anticancer and anti-diabetic properties. Low calorie syrups don’t have the same health benefits.

The sky’s the limit when finding great toppings for your waffles. In the summer, it’s delicious to top it with ice cream and strawberries. When it’s cold outside, a waffle covered with warm cooked apple is great too.

I like adding blueberries to the batter and my husband adds bananas, pecans and Craisins to his before cooking. The bananas add a nice flavor but make a less crunchy waffle. For me, the crunchier, the better. Chocolate chips are another great add-in.

Pancake mixes display easy waffle recipes. Here’s a basic waffle mix recipe:
2 cups pancake mix
½ cup milk
2 Tbsp. vegetable oil
1 egg
(optional- add in nuts, fruit as desired)

I did a little research on waffles and found there are at least six kinds. The American waffle is thinner than the Belgian waffle and was originally brought over by the pilgrims from Holland. Belgian waffles are yeast leavened. A Liege waffle is sweeter and denser and is cooked in plain, vanilla and cinnamon. Hong Kong waffles are cooked and served on the street as a snack. Scandinavian waffles are thin and cooked heart shaped. Stroopwafels are sold in the Netherlands, are thin and have a syrup filling. Waffles are also cooked and shaped as cones or bowls to hold ice cream. One of my favorite places to go for this treat is Cold Stone Creamery. Winter or summer, waffles are a tasty breakfast.

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Phyllis C. Johnson is an author and photojournalist living in Virginia. She’s the author of four poetry books, including one titled Being Frank with Anne, a poetic tribute to Anne Frank. She’s also the co-author of inkBLOT, co-written with Nancy Naigle under the pen name, Johnson Naigle. Photojournalism has taken her on an interesting journey, including judging a city-wide food festival, something that really rocked her world! She loves food writing and the perks that can come with it. Learn more on her website.

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