Arrow: TV Review

Jan 12, 2013 | 2013 Articles, Fantasy & Fangs, TV

by Roy Runnels

Arrow is one super hero show that so easily could be done wrong. It had to balance the realistic with the hero aspects that come with any comic book hero. Too much in either direction could kill a show. Not that it matters, because The CW has done it again.

It started with Smallville, but now The CW has created a show that I have connected with in a way I never could with Smallville. Arrow, based on the comic book hero Green Arrow, is about Oliver Queen who survives being on a island for five years. After being presumed dead, he comes back to the corrupt Starling City. Adopting the Green Arrow hood, he begins taking out people on a mysterious list given to him by his father.

Since the show has aired, we have seen numerous DC villains and heroes. Each new character has had a different spin on them, but still fits within the context of the original characters. Arrow has plenty of twists and turns, including the flashbacks to his time on the island. We slowly learn how he became who he is now.

Arrow is an incredible show and has one spectacular cast. Stephen Amell plays Green Arrow in a way that makes you love him while still showing the stone cold killer he can be when necessary. I have always been a huge fan of comic book heroes, and while Green Arrow hasn’t always been in my top five, this show has changed that. He may not have any powers like Superman, but he does have gadgets and willpower to stand against whatever is thrown his way.

It’s not easy to do a hero show right, thanks to The CW, I have a new show to watch every Wednesday. Arrow returns from it’s winter break on January 16.

Learn more about Arrow and watch episodes on the show website.

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