I’m Dreaming of a Quiet Forever Home

Jan 9, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Lee Juslin

by Lee Juslin

Hyacinth, a little Scottie girl, lived on a farm with two other Scotties and an assortment of farm animals. When her owner died, the Scottie came into the Greater NY/NJ Scottie Rescue, and the farm animals were placed in appropriate homes.

The rescue placed all three Scotties in what they hoped would be forever homes. Hyacinth and one other went to an older couple where they were very loved. Sadly, after five years, the husband developed Alzheimer’s and went into a care facility. The wife became too frail to take care of the Scotties. Her home had lots of steps, and after a number of falls, her family felt she should move to an assisted living home. No one in the family was able to take either Scottie, so they called rescue, and both returned to rescue foster homes.


Hyacinth was fully vetted, and while she had no readily apparent health problems, the vet did find protein in her urine. This usually means a UTI or the beginning of kidney failure. After several rounds of antibiotics, the vet found no improvement and decided that it was kidney failure. Erica, from the Greater NY/NJ Scottie Rescue, said that kidney failure is not uncommon in older dogs, and Hyacinth was now twelve.

Although she shows no symptoms, she does sleep a lot. However, that may be a function, at least in part, of the busy, sometimes chaotic foster home with a number of other dogs. Hyacinth is not aggressive but does not interact with the other dogs. We guess that when she is sleeping, she is dreaming of a quiet, forever home, just like the one she used to know.

The other Scottie, at about eight years old, was easily adopted. However, the reality for Hyacinth is that she may not be adoptable. At this point her appetite is good, and the rescue has not put her on a special kidney food, as yet. However, in time, this might be something that would benefit her.

Hyacinth is not demanding but would be a good companion for someone who is also not demanding. Someone who works part time or works from home would be a good match.

Hyacinth would need a very special person to give her the home she dreams of. It would be someone who appreciates older Scotties and wants to offer a good quality life to this sweet Scottie girl.

Learn more about Hyacinth and the other Scotties in Scottie Rescue, volunteer, apply to adopt a rescue, or make a very needed donation. During this time of the Covid virus and the busy holidays, rescue organizations need even more help with financial donations and volunteers. If you want to volunteer, you can become a foster parent or help with transporting. Scottie Rescue of Great NY is a 501C3 entity so donations are tax deductible.

Visit the Greater NY/NJ Scottie Rescue on their Facebook page or their website:

Website: Scottie Rescue
Facebook: Scottie Rescue on FB

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Lee Juslin is a free lance copywriter living in North Carolina with her husband, Scott, and her band of misfits: Tarquin, a Wheaten Scottish Terrier, and three handicapped cats. They can be seen on their website: Hampshire Hooligans. She owns I B Dog Gone, a small embroidery business and is the author of the Nurse Frosty books for children and Frosty’s Story: Tales of a Therapy Dog. She supports a number of national and regional terrier rescue organizations.


  1. Sweet Hyacinth deserves to spend her remaining days in a quiet and loving home. Paws crossed she finds her furever home soon.

  2. So sad to read. Sweet Hyacinth, I pray someone will adopt her. We have 2 Scottie rescues and love every second we get to spend with them. Someone out there please give her a loving home.

  3. Hi, my husband and I would like to offer Hyacynth a forever home. We live in Fleming Island, FL. We do have 2 young male Scottie dogs but have experience with rescuing older female Scottie’s in the past and would love to have her as part of our family.

  4. Erica
    You know us down here on cape cod.
    You also know we shelter great older scotties.
    If no one will care for her we maybe able to.
    Were still here in the same place a bit older but please dont put here down. Let me know

  5. I have a young scotties and one older 14 yo Italian greyhound my baby. She had a heart murmur and epilepsy. I am not sure of that’s too much but it would be a family.

  6. Lifting prayers for dear sweet Hyacinth.
    She has clearly had some beautiful humans love her but this is confusing to lose them.
    Now she needs loving fur family (“”) (“”) to love
    And be a blessing to.


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