Feral Paws: Sir (Orange) and King (Black)

Jan 8, 2022 | 2022 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Feral Paws Rescue

by Paula Hunsaker

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Our rescue, receives so many emails daily asking for help in receiving cats and kittens. Our board has a policy of taking in only animals from high-kill shelters, because the cats and kittens in high-kill shelters have such a short period of time before being euthanized. Our rescue currently has pull rights at 17 shelters in California. As the CEO/Founder of this rescue, I can step up to help non-shelter cats and kittens depending on their stories. I honestly try not to override that policy because so many cats and kittens need help in kill shelters.

But today, of the emails sent to us asking for help, this story stands out, from Mrs. Spencer Lewis. This email really pulled on my heart strings, and I want to try and help this young man who has lost so much in the past month. Reading how many have surrounded him in trying to help him move on in life, has touched my heart, as I hope it will touch yours. Our rescue has responded to him that on Jan 15, 2022, we are willing to take in his two cats that are bonded together in getting them placed into a loving home, praying we can do this with them going to a home together.

King (Black) and Sir (Orange)

Our basics of this story this month is to reach out to the cat lovers that follow our rescue and our stories. That one of our followers can reach out to our rescue and take in these two special kitties. We want so much to keep them together in a loving home, once you read their story below sent to our rescue.

My name is Spencer Lewis, and I am a high school counselor in Bakersfield. I have a student who lost his mom on Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, she was his only family, and he is now alone. He is 18 so he doesn’t qualify for foster care, and his landlord immediately attempted to raise his rent.

Our school has an excellent team who have surrounded him, and we’ve put a good plan into place. We have new housing for him and are helping him connect to the services that he does qualify for. We are moving him to a new and much better housing situation this week!

Unfortunately, he is not able to take his two cats with him. The people in his new home are highly allergic to cats, and they are very important to him. They’re his last remaining connection to his mom but he understands how important it is for him to live in this otherwise perfect home. We are desperately trying to find a new home for the cats to help ease his mind. We’ve been trying for weeks to find a new home for them and heard the suggestion to reach out to rescues in other communities to see if we can find some help.

I know it is short notice and a long shot, but I am hoping your rescue might have a connection for where we could find a new permanent home for these cats, or a foster situation while we continue to look. The cats are two years old, male, neutered, and live indoors. I’ll attach a picture. Their names are Sir (orange) and King (black). I’m willing to travel to Fresno with them if needed.

I understand that your rescue deals with feral cats, but as I said, we’ve been desperately looking and I’m willing to investigate any opportunity possible to help this young man and his pets! Thank you for taking the time and helping if possible. Thank you.

If there is a cat loving family that is willing to take in these two special kitties, our rescue will fully vet them and have them up to date with shots, microchip them, and FELV/FIV test them before placement. After reading this story, do you have the room for these kitties? Please reach out to our rescue and we can move forward in placing these loving kitties that have lost so much. So many people care about them and don’t want to dump them in a shelter as so many do when they just want to get rid of cats or kittens. Our rescue really wants to help them find a good forever home. If you want to adopt these kitties, please reach out to our rescue ASAP! Praying for placement a loving forever home.

EMAIL: feralpawsrescuegroup@gmail[dot]com
Phone: 559-412-7226

Thank you for caring, and best wishes for a wonderful New Year

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  1. I am sharing on Twitter and Facebook. This is too terrible. Losing him mum and the cat lovely cats is jut too cruel and damned unfair.


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