A Night At The Ice

Jan 4, 2012 | 2012 Articles, Lorie Lewis Ham, Sports

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Last Friday we attended our first Fresno Monsters hockey game of the season and I was reminded what a great night out it is for the family. Hockey may be more popular in colder parts of the country and in places like Canada, but it’s a great sport that really deserves more attention right here.

First off, let me admit that I am NOT a sports fan—the sports fan in our family is my husband. However, hockey is the one sport I actually like. There is just something about combining the skill of the game itself with the ability to do it all while ice skating that just amazes and impresses me. And hockey is definitely not boring—it is a fast paced game that holds your attention. Honestly, even if you don’t know anything more about the game than that to win they have to get the puck into the net, you can still enjoy it.

Fresno Monsters

I think that Fresno is blessed to have a team here that we can go see, especially with the high cost of going to a game in Los Angeles or San Jose. When you go to an NHL game, not only do you have the travel costs, but the ticket prices for major league hockey games have gotten insane, just like every other sport. So instead why not catch a well played game right here where the ticket prices start at only $7! (plus $1.50 City of Fresno Art & Entertainment Tax) That’s less than a movie and it’s something the entire family can enjoy. You throw in another $7 for parking, $2.50 if you happen to be 65 or older, and you’re set. They also have a concession stand, with typical concession stand prices, if you want to eat there as well. But do remember to dress appropriately, they do after all skate on ice so it’s not going to be warm and toasty inside.

Again, I confess to not being a sports fan so my knowledge on all the different hockey leagues is minimal. But I can tell you this, the Fresno Monsters are a professional NAHL Hockey team and my husband says that it’s good hockey so you’re not going out there to watch a bunch of kids who don’t know what they’re doing. Some of these players could someday end up in the NHL. According to an interview with their coach KRL did last year, their players are 17-20 years of age and are considered the best at their age.

When we saw the Monster’s this time they played the Ice Dogs from Fairbanks, Alaska, and as seems to be our curse when we go, the Monsters lost. However, it was a close game that ended in overtime and had some exciting moments. If you enjoy fights, they do still happen at this level, but what I saw when we were there were well controlled and ended very quickly—so if you don’t like the fights, you needn’t worry.

If you’re looking for a unique party idea for your kid’s birthday this year, there are reasonably priced birthday packages for the kids. If you’re looking to have a big corporate or company party there’s the Party Zone. There are also group packages available if you just want to go to a game with a bunch of friends or family members—group ticket prices are only $5 each for groups of 20 or more.

When you go to a Fresno Monsters game, you are supporting a local team, which I think is very important if we want to keep having these great sporting event options right here. So bring the family out, or take a bunch of friends, and have a fun night at a great price! Something we’re all searching for in the current economy.

You can check out their schedule right here on their KRL event page and find weekly updates from Monsters Hockey there as well.

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