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This is a page of listings for local theatre auditions. If you are an actor looking for a role, be sure and check back here often. If you are a local theatre company and would like your auditions included please email us at life@kingsriverlife.com

River City Theatre Company is always looking for help. From Acting on stage to ushers, there is something for everyone! Please email your name & email address to info@reedleyrivercitytheatre.org to be placed on the list for future audition reminders.

Auditions are open to all! Auditions for musical productions require a memorized song. Please bring sheet music. Scenes for reading will be provided for stage play auditions. All auditions are held at the Reedley Opera House. At the audition be prepared to fill out an audition form (vocal range, experience, etc.). On this form please list all rehearsal conflicts. The director will consider rehearsal conflicts during the audition process. Individuals with performance conflicts unfortunately cannot be considered for casting. It is the goal of River City Theatre Company to help you succeed during the audition process. Please relax and enjoy the experience.

Auditions begin at 2pm (unless noted below)
Audition date and time are subject to change.


Note: The auditions for “Memphis” have been moved to April 14, 2018

Encore Theatre Company in Tulare Announces Auditions For:
Noises Off!
by, Michael Frayn
Special Limited Run!
Audition Dates:
August 4, 5, & 6 @ 6pm
Show Dates: January 11 – 14, 2018
Roles: 5 men, 4 women
Age Range: 25-65
Location: Encore Theatre Company
More Info: 559.366.7011
All audition material will be provided.
Save the Date for the Smash Hit Farce!

KRL Podcast auditions:

For those who haven’t joined the KRL podcast group we now have audition files up if you are interested. Deadline is the end of the year. If you don’t know what this is-KRL is starting a mystery podcast. For now we are looking for actors to read short stories, eventually we hope to do some mystery dramas. Here is the link to our group https://www.facebook.com/groups/krlpodcast/

Auditions at COS in Visalia for The Crucible:
COS Performing Arts invites all local performers to audition for:

Written by Arthur Miller
Directed by Chris Mangels & Zebulin Elliott

Monday, December 4, 2017, from 4pm – 6pm in the COS Theatre
Tuesday, December 5, 2017, from 4pm – 6pm in the COS Theatre
You need only attend one of these dates to receive full consideration for casting.

College of the Sequoias Performing Arts
915 S Mooney Blvd, Visalia, California 93277

Workshops begin Saturday, January 20, 2018, and continue through February, Day/Time based on cast availability. Regular rehearsals begin March 19, 2018, and continue Monday-Friday, 6:00-10:00pm

TO AUDITION: Please prepare a one to two-minute dramatic monologue, from any era. Actors invited to callbacks will be asked to perform scenes from the script. NOTE: Auditions are open to all members of the community! Actors cast in a production must enroll in the proper class for college credit.

LOOKING FOR 11 MEN / 10 WOMEN (Actors will be asked to convincingly PLAY the ages listed. They do not have TO BE the ages listed.)

JOHN PROCTOR: 30-40. Independent, forthright, opinionated; deeply complicated; despises hypocrisy, most especially in himself; tormented by guilt over his recent affair with Abigail; his skepticism and outspokenness makes him especially dangerous in the eyes of his righteous neighbors.

ELIZABETH PROCTOR: 30-40. John Proctor’s wife; honest, proud, faithful, and principled; a person who sees little or no latitude when it comes to what is right; at times, her rigid austerity tips toward coldness.

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS: 17. Reverend Parris’ niece; impulsive, strong-willed, passionate, with a present sexuality and a fiery temper; keenly aware of her own power, she is ruthless in her pursuit of getting what she wants.

REVEREND SAMUEL PARRIS: 40-50. A minister of the church; self-righteous, austere, and controlling. His power and status within the community are irrevocably undermined when his young daughter is seemingly possessed by the devil.

GILES COREY: 50-70. A salt of the earth, plainspoken, man of the land, who is still physically powerful; straightforward and unrefined.

FRANCIS NURSE: 70-79. Husband of Rebecca Nurse; an upstanding member of the community; honest and straightforward.

REBECCA NURSE: 50-79. An elder of the community; pious, kind, patient and virtuous; her age, combined with the respect she has earned from the community, has made her unafraid to voice her opinions.

THOMAS PUTNAM: 40-60. A wealthy landowner; shrewd; even in the furor and chaos of the trials, he is able to see opportunity for profit.

ANN PUTNAM: 40-50. Wife of Thomas Putnam; brittle, fretful, and anxious; haunted by the loss of her seven children, her grief has left her embittered and resentful of others’ good fortunes.

SARAH GOOD: 40-50; A homeless woman and one of the first accused of witchcraft; eccentric, slovenly, and prone to inappropriate outbursts, her unbecoming behavior sets her apart from the rest of the community.

TITUBA: 30-50. Reverend Parris’ slave, born in Barbados; wary and cautious, aware of the tenuousness of her situation; rooted in a spiritual tradition that is perceived as completely foreign by the small, insular community.

MARY WARREN: 16-20. The Proctors’ serving girl, who joins Abigail in crying witchcraft; timid and emotionally fragile; particularly susceptible to persuasion and coercion by stronger personalities.

BETTY PARRIS: 14-16. Youngest of the afflicted girls; joins the group of girls crying witchcraft; fearful, nervous, easily intimidated by Abigail.

MERCY LEWIS: 16-20. Putnam’s serving girl who joins the group crying witchcraft; clever and sly; she functions as Abigail’s second in command.

SUSANNAH WALCOTT: 16-20. One of the girls who joins Abigail in crying witchcraft; nervous and worried.

JUDGE GEORGE DANFORTH: 50-70. Deputy Governor of Massachusetts; called to preside over the trials; imperious, absolute, commanding; relishes his own power; knows the law and is unwilling to deviate from it; not afraid to use his position and authority to bully suspects and dissenters.

JUDGE JOHN HAWTHORNE: 40-49. Second in command to Judge Danforth; confident and resolute; believes strongly in his own authority and importance; willfully ignorant to any dissent voiced by the community.

REVEREND JOHN HALE: 40-60. A respected minister and expert on witchcraft; brought to judge the veracity of the girl’s claims; judicious, rational.

EZEKIEL CHEEVER: 30-50. Officer of the court; takes his responsibilities to the court extremely seriously and does its bidding even when it involves arresting friends and neighbors; torn between duty and humanity;

GEORGE HERRICK: 40. Marshal of the court; sympathetic and kind to the accused who are under his watch; attentive to his duties, but not overzealous

HOPKINS: 30-60. A guard in the prison.

PERUSAL SCRIPTS ARE AVAILABLE NOW!!! For further information or to receive copies of the scripts, please contact Chris Mangels at CHRISM@COS.EDU

Send your auditions to krlmagazine@gmail[dot]com and please state your name at the beginning of the audition.

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