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We at KRL want to do all that we can to help Syrian Refugees everywhere, with a focus on those near us in Fresno, so we have started an event page to share about local fundraising events and other ways that people can help them, and learn more about them. If you have an event you would like to see included please email us at kingsriverlife@gmail[dot]com.

Here is a new list of needs for the Syrian refugees in Fresno-updated as of 2/27/17-

1- pressure cooker .
2-meat grinder .
3- Rugs .
4- Washer and Dryer .
5-Diapers .
6- Blenders .
7- Trash Cans .
8-Laundry baskets .
9- Diapers sizes 2/4/6
10-computers and Laptops.
11-Cars .
12-Sewing machine .
13-vacuum cleaners .
14- Dinning tables .
16-Pots .
17-Frying pans .
18-Food processor .
19-Baking trays .
20-Plates and dishes .
21-Pyrex sets .
22-serving dishes .
23-socks for the kids from ages (1-16).
24-Pajamas for the kids .
25-Tops and pants for the kids .
26- Cleaning detergents .
27- Electric Grills .
28- Sewing Machine .
30-Towels .
31-Beddings .
32- Warm Blankets.

If you wish to donate any of these items, or cash to purchase them, you can contact Fresno Interdenominational Refugee Ministries (FIRM). FIRM also has a special webpage about their efforts to help the Syrian refugees, and you can donate and volunteer there.

Monthly dinner to raise money for the Syrian refugees in Fresno-
May 8 at 6:30 pm at the Newman Center
1572 E Barstow Ave, Fresno, CA 93710
The cost is $12 and you can RSVP your attendance to: maraikaks@gmail.com
Newman Center and Wesley Church are going to be selling tickets to pick up for $12 in advance

This is a great way for people to contribute to these families, and also gives others a chance to attach a face to the name “refugee”, it humanizes this issue we hear so much about and reminds us that we are all human, and all deserving of respect and dignity. This is an initiative undertaken by Human Rights Coalition.

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