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International Bipolar Foundation

International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF), formerly known as California Bipolar Foundation, was founded in June 2007 in San Diego, California by four parents with children affected by bipolar disorder. Well aware of the trauma that bipolar disorder causes for consumers and their families, these parents felt compelled to do something constructive to help. The mission of IBPF is to improve understanding and treatment of bipolar disorder through research; to promote care and support resources for individuals and caregivers; and to erase stigma through education.


4 Things I Learnt From 4000+ People who Overcame Depression and Bipolar

After recovering from his own horrendous episode of depression, Graeme Cowan strove to understand the fastest way to beat depression and bipolar. His quest lead him to interview hundreds of well-known and everyday people, including former Congressman Patrick Kennedy, TV talk show host Trisha Goddard, former UK PM Tony Blair’s chief adviser Alastair Campbell, former Google Executive Bob Boorstin, Seattle’s Lora Inman and many others, who courageously described their journey back from the brink. There were a number of common threads in these sustained recovery stories. These anecdotal insights lead to him asking 4000+ people who have learnt to beat or manage their depression and bipolar “what worked best?” – and the 4 things he learnt and will share in this seminar will surprise you. www.IamBackFromTheBrink.com

“Graeme is quite simply a thought leader. He has utilized the lessons gained during a personally horrific time to guide, teach, inspire, and coach millions of Australians.” – Nataly Bovopolous, Deputy CEO, Mental Health First Aid Australia
About Graeme Cowan

Graeme has worked in senior leadership positions with Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and AT Kearney. In 2000 he went through a 5 year episode of depression that his psychiatrist described as the worst he had ever treated.

He emerged from this crisis with a different view about how we can all build resilience and mental wellbeing, to thrive through change.

His third book, BACK FROM THE BRINK: true stories & practical advice to help you overcome depression and bipolar disorder, has just been released, with a Foreword written by the actress Glenn Close, and a testimonial from former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Graeme writes for Psychology Today and authored the report “The Elephant in the Boardroom: getting mentally fit for work”.

Text Box: Who should attend: Professionals, healthcare providers, educators, students, consumers, caregivers and the general public. Location:
Janssen R&D, LLC
3210 Merryfield Row San Diego, CA 92121
Event and Parking are free

August 19, 2014:

Networking and refreshments: 5:30-6:00 PM
Lecture will begin at 6:00 PM, followed by Q&A.

R.S.V.P Required at bit.ly/1pWXeHb

Webinars & Seminars:

Bipolar Disorder and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)


Please join us for a Webinar on August 13th, 2014 at 9:00 am PDT.

DBT is a set of skills; Emotional Regulation, Distress Tolerance, Interpersonal Relationship, and Mindfulness. Each skill-set brings someone with emotional regulation issues closer to stability. DBT focus on “effectiveness.” DBT Therapists are solution focused, leading clients step by step to a life that can be filled with serenity. No longer, does bipolar disorder have be a thief of family serenity and peace of mind, a destroyer of emotional balancefor everyone who comes into contact with it, and the catalyst for a lifestyle that frequently produces undesirable consequences at home, in the workplace and society as a whole. This workshop, will explore directly and lovingly at the ways in which DBT can be a pivotal factor in leading someone to stability. We will explore SPECT imagine, medication, DBT and boundaries.

Space is limited, reserve your Webinar seat now at:


Get info on upcoming webinars and seminars on our website!

All lectures are videotaped and available for viewing on our website

International Bipolar Foundation is proud to announce the release of our book:
Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder
The book is geared to both the person with bipolar disorder and their caregivers. Fourteen chapters, each written by an expert in the field, are included in a 3-ring binder.

The Consumer Advisory Board for IBPF felt it was important for people to have an easily accessible “compendium” of information. The binder format allows users to add handouts from their mental health providers and update chapters without having to order a new book.

Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder is broken into 3-sections;

1. About Bipolar Disorder including chapters on children & adolescents, suicide, substance abuse, medication treatment, stigma and pregnancy
2. Healthy Living includes chapters on family life and relationships, nutrition, spirituality and faith, the workplace, college, social interactions and the caregiver
3. Resources including Medication Charts (English & Spanish), Medication Side Effect Checklist, Mood Chart, Exercise Journal, Food Log, Doctor Contact Sheet, Questions to Ask Your Doctor, and U.S. and International Mental Health Resources.

In addition to these information rich chapters, the book has country-specific chapters written by consumers and professionals from countries around the world. There are currently eight such chapters with more being added weekly.

This book is available free of charge to you! Go to our web site www.InternationalBipolarFoundation.org

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