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by Lee Juslin

Ziggy and Elly are two-year-old Westies, sisters from the same litter. They are a bonded pair that came to Sunshine State Westie Rescue (SSWR) in Florida as owner turn-ins. Due to family issues, the owner felt she didn’t have enough time to spend with these girls. Because they are a bonded pair, SSWR wants to place them together. They need a single person, couple, or family that has patience and is willing to finish the Westies’ training and socialization as both are quite shy.


Valley Animal Center: Archie

IN THE August 12 ISSUE

FROM THE 2017 Articles,
andAnimal Rescue Adventures

by Joseph Riloquio

Archie is a five-month-old mixed Pit-Bull puppy. He was originally found dumped on the property of a Good Samaritan before being brought to us at Valley Animal Center.


by Kathleen Costa
& Sally Smith

Divas, Diamonds, and Death is part of the Danger Cove franchise from Gemma Halliday Publishing. Several authors, including favorites Sally J. Smith and Jean Steffens, join fictional mystery novelist and resident of Danger Cove Elizabeth Ashby to pen their own book set in this small town in the Pacific Northwest. From renovations to a farmers market, cocktails to a bakery, quilting to pet sitting, bookshops to hair salons to B&Bs, more than a dozen books, and more in the works, take readers on a delightful adventure with wonderful characters.


by Wendy Hunter

Well, it’s been crazy busy at Animal Rescue of Fresno, and this blazingly hot weather is making us all a little nuts. Despite soaking our hats, downing gallons of water, and even cooling off with garden hoses, we volunteers just keep sweating ourselves silly. This unbearable heat is like a never-ending blast furnace, destroying any brain cells we have left.


Best Day Ever: A Trip To the Reedley Dog Park


FROM THE 2017 Articles,
andDiana Bulls,

by Kipling Stephens

Dogs in Reedley have something to celebrate! The city, in conjunction with the Reedley Lions Club, has opened a new dog park, and it is remarkable.


by Harvie Schreiber

It’s been a challenging summer for the staff and volunteers of The Cat House on the Kings, but as always, they have risen to the occasion and accepted every challenge with enthusiasm and compassion. Here are just a few of the recent developments…


by Diana Hockley

KRL believes in supporting animal rescue in its many forms in any way that we can. This week we are interviewing a very unique rescue in New York called Empty Cages Collective.


A Sweet Westie Duo


FROM THE 2017 Articles,
andAnimal Rescue Adventures,
andLee Juslin

by Lee Juslin

Daisy at nine and Charlie at six were owner turn-ins from the same home, though they are not related. The owner felt with family and work demands she could not give them enough attention, so she did the right thing and contacted Sunshine State Westie Rescue (SSWR).

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by Lupe Gore

Last month, Feral Paws Rescue received a call from the CCSPCA Shelter to rescue several kittens, mostly Torties, which they did. The kittens were brought to their main rescue location. At the same time, there was a dilute Tortie female who had been at the shelter along with her kittens.


by Sandra Murphy

Puppy Fest is set up similar to the annual Puppy Super Bowl. It’s a fundraiser for a local shelter run by Jane Brody. Her dad is Lou Brody, always referred to that way, never as Dad. Lou was married three times and has nine kids. They know how much he’s worth and none of them, including grandkids, are happy about the amount of money he’s left to charity in his will. Of late, he’s given thought to increasing that amount which in turn, increases their unhappiness.


by Kathleen Costa

It is dark, totally dark, and the pain, the pain is excruciating. Caitlin Hart slowly regains consciousness seeing a cat, a black cat, purring softly next to her. There’s been an accident; the smell of gasoline and smoke spurs her to get up and out of the ditch. At the top of the rise she sees a body lying on the side of the road; she definitely needs to get help. A stranger drives by barely missing the cat in the road, and shares his phone allowing Cait to call for help. He, then, disappears. The cat disappears, and after help arrives and Caitlin leads all to the man on the side of the road…he has disappeared, too.


by Sandra Murphy

Sabrina Tate is supposed to be writing her mystery book, but it’s so easy to get sidetracked with all the goings on in Lavender, Texas. This time it’s the annual Pumpkin Days. Things wouldn’t be quite so hectic if she could only control her Aunt Rowe. She’s in charge of the pumpkin cannon. That’s right, pumpkins shot out of a cannon—what could go wrong?


by Terese Shaw

FBR always stands behind our dogs, and when a dog is adopted we are ready with open arms should they need to come back to us. Peaches is one of those dogs, and is proof that third time is a charm!


by Cynthia Chow

Fort Worth Police Officer Megan Luz never wanted to be a police dog handler, so she never expected that her partnership with K-9 shepherd-mix Brigit could be so rewarding. Megan’s options were limited after she tasered her previous partner, a human so rude and sexist that his being called a dog would have been an insult to canines. So Megan is fortunate to have Brigit along when responding to a domestic disturbance call from Adriana Valdez, who is accusing her ex-boyfriend of being a stalker.


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