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Articles by Year

by Lorie Lewis Ham
& Cleo Coyle

Shot in the Dark is the latest Coffeehouse Mystery by Cleo Coyle. This is one of my favorite series and I am always excited when there is a new one out.


Zinnia, the TV Addict


FROM THE 2018 Articles,
andAnimal Rescue Adventures,
andLee Juslin

by Lee Juslin

Zinnia, or Zin, as her friends call her, is a petite Cairn who spent eight happy years with a single woman. Then, the woman had a baby. Still, all was well until the little girl became a toddler, and Zin lost her happy home.

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by Susan Boles

My love of animals is life long. And I’ve had dogs and/or cats all my life. Their unconditional love is just a part of what makes me happy to have them in my life.


by Lupe Gore

It was the summer of 2012, and Paula of Feral Paws Rescue traveled to the Los Angeles County Shelter in Lancaster, CA to pick up cats who had to be pulled as their time was up at the shelter.


by Wasan Abu Baker

Anisa A. Abeytia is a writer and researcher with an interest in Syria, the Middle East, and the Refugee crises. Her work is featured in the Hill, New Arab, Orient, Net English, Middle East Monitor Fremmed, Brunei Times, and the Middle East Observer.


by Doward Wilson

Several new mystery movies have already aired in 2018 on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel and there are many more to come. Here is a look at the ones that have already aired.

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Sunnyside Bicycles: Bike Month


FROM THE 2018 Articles,

by Vanessa McCracken

May is Bike Month! Sure, for people who live and breathe bicycles like I do, every month is Bike Month. But May is special!


by Mary Anne Barker

Burn Bright by Patricia Briggs is an Alpha and Omega story in the same world as the Mercy Thompson stories. The events in this book take place after Silence Fallen and the book features Anna and Charles.


by Cynthia Chow

Giulia Driscoll may have long left behind her life as Sister Mary Regina Coelis, but the former nun seems unable to escape the Sisterhood. When she hears a cry for help, not even the second trimester of pregnancy can stop the professional private investigator from running towards danger.


by Diana Bulls

The Hotel Burgess, a 100-year-old Reedley landmark located on the corner of 11th and G streets, reopened its doors last July. The Hotel Burgess has been operating for nearly all of those 100 years—closed only for about three years before being purchased by Jose and Wendy Rivera.


by Terrance McArthur

Take an 1880 short novel by Henry James, filter it through a 1947 script by Ruth and Augustus Goetz (who also wrote the 1949 screenplay that starred Olivia de Haviland and Montgomery Clift), and fill the stage with a Victorian richness and intense performances, and you have the latest 2nd Space offering by the Good Company Players, The Heiress, which runs through June 17.


by staff

Are you interested in traveling abroad much more frequently? Whether you’re retired or you just want to see the world, traveling can be one of the greatest experiences ever.


by Lee Juslin

Willow, a pretty seal point Siamese cat, was dumped in the overnight drop off box at a county shelter. At only three or four-years-old, she was apparently no longer wanted by her family.

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by Kathleen Costa

Kathi Daley’s work is always packed full of several engaging character-driven storylines, but it is her easy-to-read style and entertaining dialogue that makes it right for a page-turner weekend.


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