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by staff

When you return from a family vacation, there is no doubt that others will want to know about your experience. They’ll want to know what you did, where you stayed, and whether or not you enjoyed the trip. Word of mouth is great, but you should consider using technology to help put together a more fluid and comprehensive travel story. Below, you will discover tips for creating a great travel story for your upcoming vacation.

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by Terese Shaw

FBR always stands behind our dogs, and when a dog is adopted we are ready with open arms should they need to come back to us. Peaches is one of those dogs, and is proof that third time is a charm!


by Wasan Abu-Baker

Every child has the right to a healthy and peaceful future. Wars damage the dreams for those children who suffer hunger, poverty, pain, and trauma. They have seen their friends and families die, and their schools, houses, and hospitals destroyed. This pain will last a lifetime and will have an impact on the children that is hard to predict.


by Cynthia Chow

Fort Worth Police Officer Megan Luz never wanted to be a police dog handler, so she never expected that her partnership with K-9 shepherd-mix Brigit could be so rewarding. Megan’s options were limited after she tasered her previous partner, a human so rude and sexist that his being called a dog would have been an insult to canines. So Megan is fortunate to have Brigit along when responding to a domestic disturbance call from Adriana Valdez, who is accusing her ex-boyfriend of being a stalker.


by Cynthia Chow

Melanie “Mel” Turner, the owner of San Francisco’s Turner Construction, has several gifts. First, she can look at the most ramshackle of buildings and envision its potential beauty, as well as the possibilities to provide comfort and happiness. Her other talent is truly magical, as Mel has recently begun seeing and communicating with the ghosts. Her last experience at helping a spirit cross over still has Mel recovering from her own brush with death, suffering with a case of PTSD-induced vertigo.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

We at KRL feel it is important to support the local arts and entertainment communities, this week we are interviewing Sanger wire artist Melanie Schow.

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by Kathleen Costa

The Bean Hive has the perfect location on the boardwalk serving the best treats and hot coffee with a marvelous view of Lake Honey Springs, and seeing a smile on her customers’ faces is why Roxy Bloom didn’t miss being a lawyer. Her coffeehouse with all of its locally sourced ingredients and high quality coffees and teas make this the ideal place for locals and tourists alike.


by Kathleen Costa

Caitlyn Le Fey was led to Tillyhenge in the Cotswold countryside in search of information about her past. There she discovered a grandmother, an Aunt Bertha, a cousin Evie, and the shocking revelation that they are all witches, including herself. It’s been slow, but her magical apprenticeship is exciting. While helping her grandmother, Widow Mags, in the Bewitched by Chocolate shop, she is able to test out various techniques and learn how to manipulate chocolate with the most delicious and magical results.


by Kim Davis

I became a first time rattie mom back in June 2016. Misty was approximately three months old when we got her, and extremely shy. Every day I would offer her a treat as I walked by her cage, making sure to talk softly and to not make any fast or sudden movements. I would pet her very gently, but never ask her to come out. Soon, we got to the point that when I opened her cage door she was willing to climb onto my shoulder. She still wouldn’t step onto my hand, so I had to lean down and offer my shoulder each time.


by Sandra Murphy

Retired police Chief Katherine Sullivan, a widow, moved from Edina, Minnesota, to New Mexico to paint and soak up the sun. She’d first fallen in love with the area when her husband gave her a solo vacation as a birthday present. No schedule to follow, no tours to take, just time for herself. It was bliss. Now she lives there and returns to Minnesota to visit family.


Us & Them Presented By Fresno Soap


FROM THE 2017 Articles,

by Cherylyn Smith

Prepare for the genesis of “reality theater.” Unlike reality TV, this genre is not “dumbed down,” as demonstrated in the original play Us & Them by Deshad Cato being presented through August 6 by the Fresno Soap Co. Instead, it raises our consciousness and offers us the insight we often lack in real-life situations. Ultimately, the audience is challenged to think, open up to experience, and change the status quo.

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by Diana Deverell

Special Agent Dawna Shepherd thumped the Fiat’s rusting roof. “Eleven pounds of TNT, right in here. I click my remote, these folks will move.”
Foreign Service Officer Casey Collins focused on one of the dozen shoppers crowding the pitted sidewalk in front of the shabby Budapest storefront. “I won’t mind losing the redhead.”


Sunnyside Bicycles: Surviving the Heat


FROM THE 2017 Articles,
andGoing Green

by Vanessa McCracken

As I write this, it is 101 degrees outside with a forecasted high of 109. Highs are predicted to remain between 102 and 108 for at least the next ten days. After a relatively mild spring, summer is certainly making its presence felt.


Stone Fruit at Ten Years


FROM THE 2017 Articles,
andFood Fun,
andTom Sims

by Tom Sims

I have a range of feelings as I stroll through the Organic Stone Fruit Festival grounds. I think back to the number of times I have attended, the fruits I have tasted, the people I have met, and the first story I did on the experience some years ago. With that in mind, I decided not to give a comprehensive report. There was just too much to observe, digest, and regurgitate (to use and abuse a digestion theme). I decided to simply offer some impressions, observations, and reflections.


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