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by Kathleen Costa

Whispering Falls has its mystical shops, magical residents, and even a university at which Judy teaches a class on magical cures. Residents serve the many tourists who visit, even though the tourists are unaware of the true magic that lies beneath the surface.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

Spirit Wind is Marilyn’s 17th mystery featuring Tempe Crabtree, a deputy sheriff in the fictional town of Bear Creek, California up in the Sierra Mountains. This book has her and her pastor husband, Harry Hutchinson, headed to Tehachapi for a trip that is part vacation, part ghost hunting.


by Cynthia Chow
& Eve Calder

It was a trifecta of calamities that led to Kate McGuire completely upending her life and starting over in Coral Cay, Florida. In one day her New York City apartment went condo, the owner of the restaurant where she worked as a pastry chef closed due to embezzlement, and she cancelled her wedding due to her cheating fiancé.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

This week we are profiling local artist Carrie Taves, who was born and raised in Reedley. She is also involved in the local charity When I Grow Up.


Dragon’s Treasure

IN THE August 17 ISSUE

FROM THE 2019 Articles,
andRebecca Potts

by Rebecca Potts

In the heart of Fresno’s Historic Tower District is a charming jewelry store with an intriguing name: Dragon’s Treasure. Celebrating 40 years of business and 30 years in the same location, right across from the Tower Theatre, this magical store has a lot to be proud of.


Cold Soup For Your A Nice Summer Meal

IN THE August 17 ISSUE

FROM THE 2019 Articles,
andFood Fun,
andMargaret Mendel

by Margaret Mendel

Mid summer, when heat feels the most unforgiving and cooking is the last thing on my mind, I fall back on cold soups.
Soups have always been special to me, whether hot or cold. They seem a bit like alchemy. The mere boiling of bones in water produces a rich flavorful broth.

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by Sharon Tucker

Dick Francis thrillers are a delight. His standalones and series detailed so many aspects of the racing world I have lost count. Moreover, in spite of the fact that I dislike gambling and competitive sports, I love his books. Sadly, Francis Senior passed away in 2010, yet the books continue to be written by his son Felix.


by Cynthia Chow

Witch Lily Ivory may have grown adept at wielding spells and charms, but she’s never before manifested a nightmare to the point that she wakes up covered in sea water. The new experience is not one she welcomes, especially since she’s finally planning her wedding to the mysterious Rom gypsy Sailor. Not only is Lily in the midst of scheduling a honeymoon that will include tracking down the gargoyle mother of her shape-shifting familiar Oscar, Lily’s mother and grandmother’s coven are in San Francisco to sight-see and prepare for the ceremony.


by Jackie Dale

The only the thing in July that was more unrelenting than the heat, was the flow of cats and kittens needing help. You have to learn to say “no” if you want to retain any semblance of your sanity. You also have to learn that you just can’t save them all. There just isn’t enough time, money, and room to do that. Well, technically, if more people stepped up we would have enough of all those things. But most of the time, it’s the same old song and dance.

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by Sarah Peterson-Camacho

Debi Ruud thinks of it as a love story—a musical career encompassing nearly four decades of song, and from founding the Fresno Music Academy & Arts, community choir Hearts on Fire, and R&B soul band The Lost Souls, to releasing her second CD, All that Matters, her musical journey is only just beginning…


by Cynthia Chow

This week we have a pair of mysteries with some unique professions that I don’t recall seeing in mysteries before (though I could be wrong)-we have a “Professional Busybody” in Jane Darrowfield, Professional Busybody by Barbara Ross, and the owner of a cookbook publishing company in Risky Biscuits: A Sugar & Spice Mystery by Mary Lee Ashford.


by Cynthia Chow

What kind of mom voluntarily gives up her daughter? The complicated answer to that question is a secret Aubrey Finch has held since her divorce, when she allowed her husband Paul to assume primary custody of their daughter Charlotte. Aubrey feels the judgment of the other mothers at the park, those mysterious women who always seem to fit in and know how to raise a family.


Life in Costa Rica

IN THE August 10 ISSUE

FROM THE Maria Ruiz,

by Maria Ruiz

“Do you know what street we’re on?” I asked Ted.
“Haven’t the slightest idea. I can’t see any signs either,” he replied.
We were driving through San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, on a hunt for a laboratory to x-ray me for a dental problem. The dentist in Jaco had written down the address: 500 meters south from the cathedral.


by Sandra Murphy

You’d think auditing a college class on the history of England from the end of the Roman occupation until the Norman conquest would be a safe enough pastime. Somehow, Charlie Harris manages to land in the midst of yet another mystery. Perhaps it was because he didn’t take his Maine Coon cat, Diesel, to class with him.


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