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Wicked On Stage at the Saroyan


FROM THE 2019 Articles,
andJessica Ham,

by Jessica Ham

To this day, Wicked is one of my all-time favorite musicals. I saw it for the first time when I was thirteen, and I have been hooked ever since. The grand music and powerful, emotional storylines and characters grab you instantly. I started bawling the second the first song started, that is how much I love this musical.


by staff

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable leisure and recreational activities to refresh and re-energize yourself. However, being careless in making your trips, especially in foreign countries, would jeopardize your enjoyment. To avoid this, check these seven common mistakes people make when traveling. Consider these when you are planning your trips.


Feral Paws Rescue: Samson


FROM THE 2019 Articles,
andFeral Paws Rescue

by Lupe Gore

This month I am going back in time seven years when my relationship with Feral Paws Rescue began, in February 2012. The first cat I got from the Rescue was a beautiful calico named Caleigh, and it went on from there. Each time Feral Paws Rescue would post on Facebook a black cat in need of saving from a kill-shelter, I inquired to see if they could pull him or her. In May 2012, one such post really got my attention.

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by Sandra Murphy
& Cynthia Chow

This week we have some more fun food mysteries for your Spring reading-Hot Fudge Murder: A Lickety Splits Ice Cream Shoppe Mystery by Cynthia Baxter, Restaurant Weeks Are Murder: A Poppy McAllister Mystery by Libby Klein, Drawn and Buttered: A Lobster Shack Mystery by Shari Randall, No Good Tea Goes Unpunished: A Seaside Café Mystery by Bree Baker.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

In True Fiction, bestselling thriller writer Ian Ludlow is on a book tour in Washington State when his life is turned upside down! Along for the thriller ride is Margo French, a dog walker and aspiring singer who had taken the job of driving Ian around to his events.


by Doward Wilson

Hallmark’s newest mystery series is Crossword Mysteries: A Puzzle To Die For starring Lacey Chabert as Tess Harper and Brennan Elliott as NYPD Detective Logan O’Connor. Lacey is known for her work in television, movies and on Broadway and has appeared in seventeen Hallmark movies. Brennan Elliott is a Canadian actor who is best known for his role as Dr. Nick Biancavilla in Lifetime’s Strong Medicine.


by Kathleen Costa

I’ve been a fan of British television and movies since the early sixties. Mysteries, secret agents, romance, humor, and of course, all the Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing horrors had me glued to the television every Saturday. But, getting productions in the U.S. was relegated to a hit-and-miss and incomplete airing on PBS stations, and don’t get me started on BBC America! So, it was a gift from tech heaven finding BritBox. For a reasonable monthly or annual fee, I have access to a wide range of comedies, drama, mysteries, documentaries—all with excellent video/audio quality using any of my devices.


by Terrance McArthur

The Rogue Festival: the crown performing-arts jewel of Fresno’s Tower District, 9 days (or 10, if you count the Rogue Teaser, which I do) filled with music, dance, theatre, magic, comedy, and other things. I managed to see twenty-five shows this year, dashing from venue to venue to see as much as I could…but a chubby little reviewer’s gotta eat, right? Where can you grab some food when you’re on your way to somewhere else? Is there any place for a quick bite to eat? Let me put it this way—I did not lose weight during Rogue 2019.


by Doward Wilson

Lily Barlow’s heroine is Janet Evanovich’s character, Stephanie Plum. Unfortunately, she lives in boring Marshall, Virginia. She is between semesters at college, and she is at home to find a manager for her family’s bakery, which has closed following her father’s heart attack. She can’t wait to get back to school, but business comes first. No bakery, no tuition!


by Alyssa Nader

Most of the adoption stories you hear from Rattie Ratz end right at the beginning of our ratties’ journey in their new families. We heard about Fantasia finding her forever home last year in KRLM. Let’s see how she’s doing, one year later!


by Nupur Tustin

“When day turns to night, the world will be turned upside down.” The crone’s throaty cackle penetrated Joseph Haydn’s consciousness as he walked through St. Michael’s square to his quarters in the Michaelerhaus.


The Center for Integrated Medicine


FROM THE 2019 Articles,
andEvelyne Vivies

by Evelyne Vivies

Dr. Kwong has two doctorates: one in western medicine and the other in Chinese medicine. Patients of her clinic, The Center for Integrated Medicine, get the best of both worlds, Eastern and Western medicine. She started the clinic in 1994, but Dr. Kwong’s expertise goes back three generations to Hong Kong where her great-uncle practiced Chinese medicine and healing herbs.

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