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Support your local animal rescues by attending their fundraisers and animal adoption events & check out direct links to various animal rescues below:

Help out homeless animals effected by Hurricane Harvey by bringing in your
donations to Valley Animal Center for us to send out to Houston shelters in need of resources. Being that
Valley Animal Center understands the need for the communities help as an animal shelter to provide for our
animals, our hearts are broken with what has happened to the pets of Houston and the devastation of their
owners. We have come together as a shelter to ask for the communities help gathering donations to send their
After seeing all the coverage of what is going on in Houston, we have decided to do a donation drive to
help multiple shelters with the supplies. We are requesting the following items from multiple Houston shelters
wish lists to be brought to our donation drop boxes located in the lobby of Valley Animal Center:
Dog/Cat Food (Wet or Dry) Food Bowls
Dog/Cat Collars and Leashes Bottled Water
Dog/Cat Treats Latex or Nitrile Gloves
Pop-up Wire Crates Hay or Feed (Larger Animals)
Towels, Blankets, Bedding (New or Used) Dish Soap & Laundry Detergent
Sponges, Clorox Wipes, Paper Towels
Our first shipment out to Houston will be divided up and shipped out this Friday, September 8th. We
will continue requesting donations as more will definitely still be needed while they deal with the aftermath and
donations slow down for them. For more information regarding this event, please contact Devon Prendergast,
Community Relations Coordinator, at (559) 233-8709 or devon.prendergast@valleyanimal.org
– 2 –
Media Opportunities
What: Donations for animal shelters effected by Harvey
Where: Valley Animal Center Lobby
3934 N. Hayston Ave, Fresno, CA 93726
Interviews: Interviews available with Valley Animal Center Community Relations Coordinator or Executive Director
Visuals: Donation Drop Off bins with items donated from the community.

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Feral Paws Adoption Events-Adoption events:
Saturday: September 16 (Saturday 11a to 4p at Tractor Supply, 1630 Herndon, Clovis CA)

Animal Rescue Listings:

Below you will find links to animal rescues within California–if you know of one that we have not included please contact us at life@kingsriverlife.com
We firmly believe in adopting your next pet and in supporting animal rescue in any way we can, so please consider one of these rescues when looking for your next animal friend, and also consider helping them continue their great work. KRL also publishes many animal related articles we hope you will check out as well in our Pet Perspective section.

1. Wee Companions Small Animal Rescue (guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, rabbits, mice, chinchillas)-San Diego, CA
2. Rattie Ratz in the Bay Area of CA
3. Animal Compassion Team, Fresno, CA
4. Fresno Bully Rescue, Fresno, CA
4. Animal Rescue of Fresno, Fresno, CA
5. Valley Animal Center, Fresno, CA
6. Cat House on the Kings in Parlier
7. Feral Paws Rescue Group, Fresno, CA

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